Vindt means "to find"

Find the freedom of breastfeeding. Find the freedom to express your SELF. Find the freedom to be a woman, a mother without restrictions and compromises.

Stylish breastfeeding

Timeless design with an adaptable and original cut. Functional yet sophisticated clothing for you women who want to feel free in all circumstances.

Freedom of movement

Every ruffle on our dresses symbolizes the freedom of movement, breastfeeding, and celebrates femininity and motherhood. It supports the idea that a mother doesn't have to sit in a nursing corner or on a smelly toilet to nurse, but is free to express her love and care for her baby anywhere, anytime.

Freedom to breastfeed

Our DNA is the zipper - a symbol of connection, an emblem of an unwavering commitment to safe and comfortable breastfeeding for both mother and child. I wanted every mother to be able to feed her child stylishly, without hiding, without her wearing a stretched out t-shirts, but most importantly without feeling limited.
Under the ruffle...

is a monthly newsletter about what lies beneath the ruffles and between the lines of motherhood, parenthood and life.