VINDT means “to find”

to find freedom
to find the freedom of breastfeeding
to find the freedom to express your SELF
to find the freedom to be a woman without compromise
to find the freedom to be a mother without limitations

I am Andrea Vindt, a mother of 2 beautiful children, and it’s the journey of motherhood and love for my children that has inspired me to create the Maison Vindt brand. A brand that empowers women to feel beautiful, free and feminine while being able to breastfeed anytime and anywhere they choose. The idea to create such clothing first crossed my mind when I was nursing my first child – my daughter Jasmína. I experienced firsthand what the current market offers for breastfeeding mothers. Everything seemed too sporty and too casual with visible breast opening. That was exactly the problem I aimed to solve.

I’ve launched my Maison Vindt in 2022, designed to allow easy nursing access without compomising on style. Every frillon our dresses symbolizes the freedom of movement and breastfeeding, as well as it celebrates femininity and motherhood. It supports the idea that a mother doesn’t have to sit in a nursing corner or hidden on a smelly toilet to nurse or to pump, but is free to express her love and care for her baby anywhere and anytime she wants.

Our DNA is the zipper – a symbol of connection, an emblem of an unwavering commitment to safe and comfortable breastfeeding for both mother and child. I wanted every mother to be able to feed her child stylishly, without hiding, without her wearing a stretched out t-shirt, but most importantly without feeling limited. Therefore I decided to create clothing that promotes the freedom of nursing without fear or compromise.

This is the strory of Maison Vindt, a brand that was born out of love for children. Because love is emotional, no rational. A story of freedom in breastfeeding and a celebration of the power and beauty of femininity. I am proud to support mothers on their journey to feed their children confidently, lovingly, and stylishly.

And beneath the frill, the bond unveils. This is the essence, my testament to the power, beauty and resilience of mothers ewerywhere.



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